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review: buttons diapers one-size cover

review: buttons diapers one-size cover

Note 2/9/2019: Due to recent events, I find myself in the difficult position of loving the cut and quality of Buttons diapers, but disappointed with their handling of inclusivity, representation, and racism in the cloth community. While I stand by this post pertaining to the quality of product that Buttons produces, I have substantially reduced my use of Buttons diapers and do not intend to purchase their products in the future. Ultimately, the story of representation and racism in the cloth diaper community is not mine to tell. However, I do have the ability to vote with my dollar, and have decided that this small step in favor of inclusivity is the best path for my family.

As I've mentioned before, our original cloth diaper stash was mostly pocket diapers, with a few covers thrown in, almost on a whim. Well, those covers turned out to be pretty much our favorite cloth diaper system: Buttons diapers


Buttons diapers are an all-in-two system of waterproof covers and snap-in inserts that are designed to be an affordable, easy-to-use path to cloth diapering. I first found them while pregnant with Logan, and loved that I could 1) build a complete stash of their diapers for under $200 and 2) the combination of inserts and covers minimizes laundry in our small home. 

The covers themselves are very affordable, at $11.50 for solids and $13 for prints.

The Buttons covers are a really clever design: one row of waist/hip snaps, two layers of wipeable PUL, and three rise options in their one-size cover. While they also offer newborn and super size covers, we've found that the one size works nicely from about 8.5 pounds until (hopefully) potty training for our relatively thin kid. They also have a very trim fit, especially when a buttons insert is used, which we love because it means that we don't have to size up on pants or jammies to get a good fit. 

Generally, they have all of my must-have features for a good cloth diaper cover: trim fit, double gussets, wipeable interior, and modern styling. A lot of one-size diapers have two rows of hip/waist snaps, but Buttons integrates these into one row, which I personally love. As I mentioned, Logan is on the slim-waisted side, so the two snaps in one row prevent excess flap from winging out and keeps the fit looking tidy. 

Buttons diapers come in a wide array of solid colors and adorable prints, which may be the biggest plus to a cloth-diaper loving parent: more to collect, without each purchase totally breaking the bank. A lot of the prints are limited edition, though, which means that they can become hard-to-find pretty quickly and once they're sold out, they may be gone forever. This does lead to another unexpected bonus: great resale value on buy/sell/trade groups. And the high-quality construction means they'll last well enough for you to be able to resell!

As for absorbency, Buttons offers three sizes of snap-in inserts in microfiber, bamboo/cotton blend, and hemp/cotton blend options. We started with the microfiber when Logan was tiny, and upgraded to the hemp/cotton blend later because we prefer natural fibers whenever possible. We also frequently use flour sack towels in our buttons covers, and love that the fit is still super trim with this budget-friendly option.  When we use flour sack towels, we simply pad fold them so they're approximately the same size and shape as a buttons insert and lay them inside the cover - no muss, no fuss. 

I honestly don't have many complaints about Buttons diapers, but it can sometimes be hard to find adequate variety in stock, which can be frustrating. Also, they do fit very trim and have a low front rise, so optimizing fit can be a challenge for someone who is new to them or has a little one with particularly chunky legs. I personally love the low rise because Logan has a bit of a belly, but very thin hips, and buttons sit right under his belly in a way that provides a very secure fit. 

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Buttons fantastic customer support and community. Buttons themselves responds personally to emails and concerns very quickly, and is always super friendly. They also have one of the best Facebook communities full of welcoming cloth diapering support, tips, and troubleshooting help for anyone who needs it. 

Did you make any super smart choices early in your cloth diapering career? Do you have a cloth diaper cover that you love? 


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