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Stratton's Cutting Garden + toddler flower arranging work

Stratton's Cutting Garden + toddler flower arranging work

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Last week, we visited our local cutting garden and picked peonies. Logan and I arrived after nap time at the small garden, located just out of town in the middle of some wheat fields. When we arrived, I put Logan in the carrier, grabbed a bucket and some shears, and walked out to the field. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the rows of pink and white flowers really shone next to the green wheat fields. 

I was able to fill my bucket pretty quickly with the giant blooms. After leaving our payment (only $8!) in the box near the house, I loaded our flowers into the car and headed home with our bounty. While *technically* this means we can cross this item off of our summer bucket list, I'm certain we'll be back frequently as summer wears on. 

(If you're local and haven't visited Stratton's Cutting Garden yet, you should! Flower varieties change throughout the summer and it's always $8/pail) 

Once we were home, I set up some flower arranging work for Logan and myself: mason jars filled with fresh water, and the fresh stems laid out neatly on the coffee table. I started by modeling the work for Logan, placing the bulk of the stems in two jars. I put one in his room, and the other on the coffee table. I like having them low like this for short times in the day so that he can get the chance to closely inspect the flowers on his own. 

Then it was Logan's turn to do some flower arranging. 

It was obvious that Logan really enjoyed this opportunity to work  - two of his favorite things are sticks and water, so I thought this would be a safe bet. Mostly, he enjoyed experimenting with the water and splashing the peony buds in the water, but that's all part of the process. In the end, he spent about 20 minutes exploring water, as well as the myriad of textures on the flowers - stiff stems, hard buds, and soft petals. Giving him the opportunity to work with natural materials, In a way that makes our home more beautiful was a really valuable experience for him, and one I plan to continue through the summer. As his skills improve, We'll be able to move on to more than three flowers at a time and leaving the completed arrangement in his reach at all times. 

For now, though, I put one of the arrangements in Logan's room on the top of his shelves. As we've worked and played in his room, it has been so nice to see this reminder of our fun afternoon and the summer still ahead of us. As for Logan's arrangement, it sits in the kitchen, next to our water kettle so I can admire it throughout the day. 

Do your kids enjoy flowers? What outings do you have planned for this week? 

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