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why we love cloth diapers

why we love cloth diapers

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(wearing a luludew aio) 

We love cloth diapering, but cloth diapers weren't an automatic choice for our family. In fact, I hadn't even considered them until my mother-in-law casually mentioned that she used cloth with both of her sons. Fast forward a couple months, when a box arrived on our doorstep with a pile of well-loved Bumgenius pocket diapers from one of Tyler's aunts and we were officially going to give cloth a try. 

While circumstances aligned for us to start considering cloth diapers, we fell in love with them for a host of other reasons, including: 

Cloth is budget-friendly. Disposable diapers and wipes are expensive! It's easy to spend $500 per year on disposable diapering products, which is money that literally gets thrown in the trash. While cloth diapering systems vary in price depending on brand, it's definitely feasible to cloth diaper from birth to potty training for under $200, which translates to dramatic savings from the get-go. Add in the fact that cloth diapers typically last for more than one child, and the blossoming buy/sell/trade market online and total investment can easily be less than $200 per child. 

Natural fibers are gentle on sensitive skin.  We take so much time to make sure that our babies have soft clothes and comfortable beds, but don't really consider the quality of the diapers that sit so close to their skin. I love that cloth diapers allow me to keep natural, breathable fibers on my little one's sensitive skin. A major upside of these natural fibers is that we have encountered almost no diaper rash in the time we've used cloth. 

(wearing a  buttons  os cover) 

(wearing a buttons os cover) 

Cloth is the sustainable choice. It's not exactly a secret that disposable diapers are terrible for the environment. And it's looking like disposable wipes are no better. It takes 9 gallons of water to make 1 disposable diaper! Then, once it has been used and added to the landfill the vast majority of diaper brands aren't even biodegradable. While we definitely still use some disposable diapers, I do feel good knowing that every time I chose cloth I save a little bit of water for the fishies and prevent a little bit of trash from going into the landfill.  

Cloth diapers are easy and adorable. Need I say more? I've been genuinely surprised by how easy of a choice cloth diapering has been - it's really not much more work than using disposable diapers. Plus, with all of the adorable colors and prints available, that squishy little fluffy bum is one of my favorite things in the whole world. 

There are tons more reasons why we continue to use cloth diapers, but these are the major factors that have contributed to our commitment. So: do you use cloth diapers? Why do you love cloth? 

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